Alberta University Transfer Agreements

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Alberta University Transfer Agreements: A Guide for Students

If you`re a student in Alberta looking to transfer to another university, you may be overwhelmed by the process. Thankfully, Alberta`s post-secondary institutions have created transfer agreements to make the process much easier.

What are transfer agreements?

Transfer agreements are agreements between two or more institutions that outline how credits will transfer between them. These agreements ensure that students can transfer credits they`ve already earned to another institution and continue their education without having to start from scratch.

Which institutions have transfer agreements in Alberta?

All of Alberta`s post-secondary institutions have transfer agreements with each other. This includes universities, colleges, and technical institutes. There are also province-wide transfer agreements, which outline how credits will transfer between Alberta`s post-secondary institutions.

How do transfer agreements work?

Each transfer agreement is unique, but they usually specify what courses at one institution will transfer to another institution. For example, if you take a specific course at one institution, the transfer agreement may specify that it will transfer as a specific course at the second institution.

Transfer agreements can also specify how many credits will transfer, what grades are necessary for credits to transfer, and if any additional requirements are needed to transfer.

Why are transfer agreements important?

Transfer agreements are important because they give students the ability to continue their education at another institution without losing credits they`ve already earned. Without transfer agreements, students may have to retake courses they`ve already completed or take additional courses to meet the new institution`s requirements.

Additionally, transfer agreements can save students money. Instead of paying for the same course twice, students can transfer credits they`ve already earned and pay for fewer courses overall.

What should I do if I want to transfer?

If you`re considering transferring to another post-secondary institution in Alberta, the first step is to check the transfer agreements between your current institution and the institution you`re interested in transferring to. You can usually find these agreements on the institutions` websites.

If you`re having trouble finding transfer agreements or aren`t sure which courses will transfer, reach out to the institutions` transfer advisors or student advisors. They can help you navigate the transfer process and answer any questions you may have.


Transferring to a new institution can seem daunting, but thanks to Alberta`s transfer agreements, the process is much easier. By understanding how transfer agreements work and which institutions have them, students can save time and money while continuing their education. If you`re considering transferring, be sure to check transfer agreements and reach out to advisors for help.