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Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking

Duration : 1 Year

Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking

IT Services are the backbone of economy of any country. It is estimated that more than 20 million vacancies will be generated in IT Support by 2025.

Course Modules

Computer Hardware like keyboard, mouse, hard disk, RAM, motherboard, CPU, Monitor etc. You will also learn about Networking that allows computers and other devices to exchange / share data or information and about Ethical Hacking that helps fix security holes in computer networks.

Electronic Components & Architecture

➤ Fundamentals of Computer

➤ Assembling  & Disassembling of PC

➤ MS Office

➤ Introduction of Electronics ( Analog & Digital)

➤ Introduction & checking of Electronic Component

➤ Introduction & Use of Multi Meter

➤ Soldering & De Soldering

System Troubleshooting

➤ Defragmentation

➤ Hard Disk Partition

➤ Data Recovery

➤ Disk & Storage Management

➤ Back up & Restore

Basic Networking (N+)

➤ Overview of Networking

➤ Networking in TCP/IP

➤ IP Addressing (IPv4 & IPv6)


➤ OSI Model, Switch, Router

➤ Virtual Private Network

➤ Remote Services

➤Peer to Peer Networking Client SErver Networking

➤Creating Managing User Account & Group

➤ Cabling Method Sharing & Security

➤ Wireless Networking

Operating System and Installation

➤ Setting of BIOS

➤ Installation of Windows & Linux

➤ Dual Booting

➤ Installation of Software Application and Hardware

Linux Server

➤ Introduction of Linux

➤ Installation of Linux Server

➤ FTP Server

➤ User and Group Administrator

➤ Advance Files Permission

Computer Architecture

➤ Introduction to microprocessor

➤ Motherboard Architecture & Its Fault Finding

➤ Power Supply, SMPS, UPS

➤ Different Types of Memory (DDR,RD, SD, RAM)

➤ DVD writer, Hard Drive

➤ Monitor (CRT, LCD,LED) Troubleshooting

➤ Introduction & Fault Finding of Printer

Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA)

➤ Network Fundamentals

➤ LAN Switching Technologies

➤ Infrastructure Services

➤ Routing Technologies

➤ WAN Technologies

➤ Infrastructure Management

➤ Infrastructure Security

Microsoft Certified Solution Associate(MCSA)


➤ Apple Products Interface

➤ Macintosh Laptop & Desktop Hardware

Laptop Repairing

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