Succession Agreement Example

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A succession agreement is an essential document that outlines the plan for transferring ownership and management of a company. A well-crafted agreement can ensure the smooth transition of power, prevent disagreements, and ensure that the business continues to operate without interruption. Here is an example of a succession agreement to help you understand what should be included in this document.

Introduction and Purpose:

The agreement should begin by stating its purpose and explaining the reasoning behind the decision to create a succession plan. It should emphasize the importance of continuity in the business`s operations and the need to ensure that leadership and ownership transfer smoothly.

Identification of Key Members:

Next, the agreement should identify the key members of the company who will be involved in the succession plan. This may include the current owner(s), board members, and other relevant stakeholders.

Ownership Transfer:

The agreement should outline the process for transferring ownership of the company. This may include the sale of shares to family members or key employees, the establishment of a trust, or other methods of transfer.

Leadership Transition:

The succession agreement should also address the transfer of leadership of the company. This may involve the appointment of a new CEO or other key executives and the establishment of a management team to ensure continuity in the business`s operations.

Financial Considerations:

The agreement should also include financial considerations such as the valuation of the business, the terms of any buyout, and the distribution of profits after the transfer of ownership.

Dispute Resolution:

Finally, the agreement should include a dispute resolution mechanism to address potential disagreements during the succession process. This may involve arbitration or mediation to ensure that the transfer of ownership and management occurs as smoothly as possible.


In conclusion, a succession agreement is a crucial document for any business, regardless of size. It provides a roadmap for the smooth transfer of ownership and management and ensures that the business can continue to operate without interruption. By following the example outlined above, you can create a succession plan that meets the needs of your business and ensures a successful transition.